Happy Holidays from all of us at Plant Christensen & Kanell. 

holiday tree.jpg

Plant Christensen & Kanell has had an eventful year. We argued in the district courts (both state and federal), the Utah Court of Appeals, the Utah Supreme Court, and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Our victory in the Utah Supreme Court provided new insights into insurance defense law, and our victory in the Utah Court of Appeals illuminated the duties of municipalities. We won several summary judgments and successfully settled several major plaintiff's cases. We also hired a new attorney as well as a new law clerk, Connor Plant.

Our new attorney, Chaunceton Bird, has been tapped to work as a law clerk on the Utah Supreme Court. His clerkship starts at the end of this month, and will likely last twelve to fifteen months. Judicial law clerk positions are highly competitive and awarded based on strong academic credentials and shrewd analytical skills. Having one of our own hired as a law clerk demonstrates that PCK hires the same caliber of candidate as Utah's highest court, and that we value strong research and writing skills. We wish Chaunceton the best of luck in his clerkship. 

Plant Christensen & Kanell looks forward to 2018 as another progressive year for our law firm. We are grateful for our clients, both old and new. Happy Holidays.