Automobile and Trucking Accidents

Plant Christensen & Kanell has a long history of serving insurance carriers and insureds on claims involving automobile accidents.  The claims have ranged from simple “fender benders” to serious injury and death claims.  Each attorney with the firm has successfully defended automobile accident claims, whether through traditional litigation channels, arbitration, or mediation. 

In conjunction with the firm’s practice involving automobile litigation, Plant Christensen & Kanell offers experience and guidance with the ever-changing automobile insurance laws in the State of Utah.

Trucking accident litigation forms a part of the insurance defense practice, and Plant Christensen & Kanell has handled many trucking accident claims throughout its history.  In recent years, the firm has enjoyed a significant increase in this area of practice, and currently handles numerous trucking accident claims.  These claims range from the simple trucking accident to the very complex, multi-vehicle accident, and claims involving catastrophic injuries.


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