If you have suffered damages and are considering bringing a case in Utah's Courts, you should know about these limitations periods.

Almost every potential lawsuit has an expiration date. The courts want to be sure litigants are bringing their cases in a timely manner so that evidence is still available, and so that all parties associated with the incident can rest easy after a certain amount of time. These expiration dates are called "limitations periods." After a certain period of time, a people are limited in their ability to bring a lawsuit. The limitation periods are set by certain statutes, statutes that set these time limits are referred to as "statutes of limitations." The statutory period in which to bring any given suit depends on the type of lawsuit. For example, if you have received a personal injury in a car accident, you have a four year limitation period in which to bring your lawsuit against them, per Utah Code Section 78B-2-307. But if you suffered only property damage, you only have three years to bring you claim. Here are common statutory limitation periods in Utah:


Personal Property Damage: 3 Years. Utah Code Ann. § 78B-2-305(1) (West 2016).

Trespass: 3 Years. Id. § 78B-2-305(1).

Personal Injury and Death: 4 Years. Id. § 78B-2-307(3).

Action Against Police Officer or Other Public Official: 2 Years. § 78B-2-304.

Action Against the State or State Employees: 2 Years. § 78B-2-304.

Wrongful Death: 2 Years. Id. § 78B-2-304.

Medical Malpractice: 2 Years. Id. §§ 78B-2-304(2), 78B-3-404.

Breach of Written Contract: 6 Years. Id. § 78B-2-309(2).

Breach of Oral Contract: 4 Years. Id. § 78B-2-307(1)(a).

Breach of Contract for the Sale of Goods: 4 YearsId. § 70A-2-725.

Breach of Warranty, Personal Injury: 4 Years. Id. § 78B-2-307(3).

Product Liability, Personal Injury: 2 Years. Id. § 78B-6-706.

Product Liability, Property Damage: 2 Years. Id. § 78B-6-706.


This list reports the limitations contained in Utah's code, and is not meant to be a substitute for legal advice. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, please contact our attorneys today to discuss potential representation.