Plant Christensen & Kanell has renovated their website and today the changes are live. Everything but the URL has been updated (the URL is still

With a refreshing new look and intuitive navigation, the new site is set up to move users through with seamless clarity and functionality. In addition to all the pages the site used to have, the website now features a "Newsroom" page where legal news and blog-posts like this are featured. Each page now has a contact form and links to Plant Christensen & Kanell's social media pages. There is also an interactive Google Map in the footer to help users find the firm. The new features to the site are innumerable, but perhaps the most important is that the site is now mobile friendly. Every page on the site will adjust to whatever screen you're viewing it on, and no functionality is lost when using the site on your mobile device.

Visit the site today and add it to your bookmarked pages.